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In this section we will devote a few lines to speak of our "large format murals."

First, we will say that you carry out this type of murals both outside (such as country houses, parks, gardens, country houses, estates, villas, penthouses ...........) and indoor (public, commercial, farms , houses, housing estates, parks, houses, bridges, metro areas ........).

Our decorations can be on industrial tile, rustic tile as on manual, and other materials such as refractory bricks, stoneware and porcelain grogged).

Depending on the material that we choose, the bonding material is different.

This type of wall require a large flow of communication between client and workshop, since this depends on the total satisfaction for a good finish the job. It is also suggested to take into account the recommendations of the ceramic workshop in order to obtain the best match between quality and price.




In the process of marketing the products manufactured in the ceramic industry, the selection of the packaging system and / or container is one of the most important points to consider, given the fragile and delicate nature of these products. For this reason, we employ a significant portion of our time researching and packed in a proper way all our shipments, it is a very important part of our income statement.



 First we say that our company complies with all legal obligations from the Law of packaging and packaging waste 11/1997 and RD Application 782/1998. where the following definitions of packaging include:



-Container sale or container: Any container designed to be at the point of sale for the consumer or end user, and encloses the foodstuff completely or only partially, but in a way that can not be altered without opening or changing the container. Collective container or container-side:

Every package designed to be at the point of selling a single item or group of a certain number of sales units whether it will be sold as such to the end user or consumer, as if used only as a means for replenishing the shelves in that point and can be separated from the product without affecting its characteristics.

-Package of transport or tertiary packaging conceived so as to facilitate handling and transport of several sales units or grouped packagings in order to prevent physical handling and the dangers inherent in transportation. The main functions of packaging and / or packaging for giftware are:

-Protection of the ceramic part: Since it is the packaging system selected is the most effective means to protect the piece and ensure that the piece arrives in perfect condition. -Contain the piece:

-To facilitate handling: The characteristics of the container and / or packaging must be selected easily manipulated along the entire chain of storage and distribution.

-To promote sales: The packaging and / or packaging is a silent salesman, since it must ensure that the product is delivered to the customer optimum conditions, raising the image of the manufacturer, and can also substantially improve the presentation of the product. Other factors we considered when selecting the package and / or packaging of the piece are: -Compatibility: packaging materials and / or packaging in addition to protecting the product, must be supported in physical, chemical and strategic model. Also with the opinions and judgments of final consumers.

-Transportation and distribution chain: we must take into account the following issues during product transfer.

1 º. - Total distance of the product throughout transportation.

2 - Stack which must be submitted in warehouses and transportation to be free from cracks.

3 - We consider the manipulated (trucks, hooks, crane trucks, dollies, stowage ....).

4 - Temperature and humidity to be submitted to the packaging and / or container along the entire distribution process.

5 - The transshipment and destination countries (language of marks).

6 - The importance of customs duties.


-Regulations and requirements of the market / s Target: The most important regulations, refer to the safety, health and the environment. The trend is towards the minimization of packaging waste, use of materials recyclable and the use of packaging consisting of a single material, and in the case of multiple, which are easily separable facilitating subsequent recovery and recycling operations.

-Cost and quality: This cost includes logistics costs (volume, weight, handling time of packaging and / or packaging, etc). If the tile is not properly protected find incur additional costs that do not pay our customers that due to possible damage our, etc, so we must strike a balance between cost and quality of the whole system of packaging and selected packaging.

As a guideline, we will say some important parameters when using the cardboard packaging for ceramics and intervals each commonly used:

-Weight Layers, mainly to check the quality of material used in our packaging system and verify compliance with the specifications of the material. Typical values ​​are:

WEIGHT PAPER FACES between 100 and 200 g/m2. WEIGHT fluting between 100 and 175 g/m2. The market trend is to reduce the grammage of paper material using lighter and aditivazos reach so that excellent resistance values. For this reason the quality of the cardboard will value by weight but not by the following parameters:

-Puncture resistance: we assessed potential resistance to shocks and beatings with sharp objects that may occur both outside and inside in case of breakage of the content. SIDED CARDBOARD between 4 and 7.5 joules. DOUBLE-DOUBLE CARTON 6 to 12 joules.

-Compressive strength of the cardboard to the song (ECT): parameter from which a first approximation can be obtained on the structural properties and resistance to any type of packaging is to be made with such material. The values ​​used are: SIDED CARDBOARD 4 to 8 kN / m. DOUBLE-DOUBLE CARDBOARD 7 to 12 kN / m.

-Compressive strength (BCT-Box Compression Test) The stacking strength of the packaging is conditioned by aspects such as quality of material, structural design, type of material damping and bearing capacity of the product among others. One should also take into account a number of other factors that may be subjected during packaging and distribution cycle may adversely affect:

shock, vibration, compression, dynamic, adverse conditions ..... To determine the structural parameters and strength of the packaging requires a comprehensive study "prior" in which the analysis is particularly important external factors that may affect you during storage and transportation.


Due to the brittleness of products, is of particular importance marking our packaging by graphic symbols cargo handling to ensure product integrity throughout the distribution cycle and transport. These symbols are standardized in the UNE-EN ISO 780 in January 2000 entitled "Packaging. Graphical symbols for handling goods. We recommend the use of graphic symbols for these cargo handling to: -Standardize the messages to the handling of goods, using symbols to not depend on the language of the country of origin or destination.

-Transmit the intentions of the sender to prevent any possible damage to the product by incorrect handling, but do not give any guarantee satisfactory handling.

Then we will discuss in the following table the most used by our company (FRAGILE, UP, DO NOT USE grapples, ROLL NO) which shows the number of symbol, the meaning and symbol.

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